Study United provides and develops international exchange programs such as Work and Travel USA, Internship, Work and Study Canada and educational programs from more then 15 countries in Ukraine and Belarus. We are the limited liability company with headquarter in Kiev, Ukraine and branches in Lutsk, Odessa, Minsk, etc.

Study United was founded in 2010. Our staff has over 5 years of experience working with exchange and educational programs.

State University of Finance and International Trade is a partner of Study United. It was founded in 1995 like an academy. In 2007 under the Prime Minister order was upgraded to university status. Now it has 3 branches in Odessa, Harkiv, Dnepropetrovsk. The university educates over 7500 students. We also cooperate with the Interregional academy of personnel management. There are over 30000 students in this university nationwide. We widely participate in students social live, organizing conferences and other events in order to explain meaning of exchange programs and educational programs.

The philosophy of Study United is attentive and careful attitude to every client and intelligent approach to problem solving. Our goal is to provide a superior quality services and to assist Ukraine in becoming a significant part of global economy.

Study United

Ukraine, 01011, Kiev, 3 Rybalska street, STE 16

Call center: +38067 7938719
Skype: mishamykhailov

The main goal of our company is to provide superior quality services to the U.S. employers. Our managers have more than five years of experience working with exchange programs and personally participated in Work and Travel USA program in the past. That's why, we know how important is to find a right person for a right job.

Every year more than 12000 students from Ukraine and Belarus would like to participate in Work and Travel USA program to get unforgettable experience, help the U.S. employers to get through a busy season, meet new people and earn some money in USA. Never the less, there are many things, which must be done so that both an employer and participant will be happy working together.

We know that different employers require their employees to have certain skills and to arrive at specific time when business needs them the most. Exactly for this reason, our managers interview every single participant to figure out their level of English, any additional skills they have and goals they want to achieve during their stay in USA.

Using this strategy we can recruit for our US partners (employers) people who will have skills and knowledge required for their future job.    

If you a U.S. business owner/manager who needs seasonal foreign staff for your business, Study United can offer you our free staffing service. As a business operator you can set special requirements for prospective workers, for example:

  • English level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • driving skills (driver license possession)
  • previous experience (restaurant, hotel, amusement park, etc.)
  • special skills (additional language, specific education, etc.)

Moreover, if you have specific time when you need your workers to arrive, just let us know and we arrange this as well.

One more thing our company does is a search for a place to live for Work and Travel participants during their stay in USA. We also arrange their transfer from the airport to a work place and back.

We know that as a business owner/operator, you have lots of things to take care of, so we strive to do our best to get you workers you need to be successful.

If you would like to begin cooperation with Work and Travel United, just e-mail us, or give us a phone call! 

We'll do the rest!

We are open for all kinds of cooperation and constantly expand the variety of our services and programs. If you’re an educator, school or exchange program provider looking for a new partners, agents, etc., we will be happy to talk to you about our prospective cooperation and programs or services you have to offer for Ukrainian and Belarus people.

You can write us an email, give us a call or stop by at your main office in Kiev.